Hello Everyone,
Myself Akash from Bangalore, we had a long weekend ahead of us fo we were planing up for something like of an Adventure trip, and that’s when one of my friends recommended me this place Called Dandeli in north Karnataka region. It was a one night journey from Bangalore to Dandeli there is a direct bus. so it was planned all of a sudden and it turned out to be a complete stress buster and an adrenaline rushing trip throughout. Dandeli has a lot to offer in Water games Like rafting and Other Adventures, but rafting was the Finest Experience

The river Kali is one of the most picturesque rafting spots in the country. The terrain along the way is beautiful, making the trip even more enjoyable and interesting. The trail is about 12-15 km long. Rafting at the resorts of Dandeli is perfect for anyone from beginner to master.

The level of difficulty is rapids in grades 2 and 3. Slightly rough mud, few rocks and quick crossings are part of Grade 2 rapids. Basic paddling skills are the only need, and actually, this is very easy to use. Grade 3 rapids might have a couple of small waves or maybe a little tumble, but it’s completely harmless overall. Significant positioning and competent steering are sufficient.

This may sound like an event that is not ideal for everyone, but it is executed by highly trained and qualified experts who ensure it is enjoyable and safe for all, no matter whether beginner amateurs or non-swimmers. The entire trail can be done for around 2-3 hours.

After this whole day of adventure. After all day of water activities, we went back to our Resort called Dew Drops Jungle Resort, and they welcomed us with warm drinks and light snacks as we were on the way to bonfire.
we had selected camping tents and an “All-Inclusive Food Package “.we boozed and chilled till late night near the bonfires made some new friends. And that’s how we ended our Journey to Dandeli