Dandeli awaits you to explore the forested beauty of the place. Camping in tents amidst the lush green forests and enjoy a lively bonfire during the starry night. Embark on serene nature walks to explore all that Dandeli has to offer you and your cameras.

Exploring the great outdoors and nature is a good opportunity for camping. Whatever the time of the year, it’s enticing to load up bags of typical camping equipment. Not every day does one sleep in a tent and wakes up with crackling little mates in the middle of the jungle, on or at the foot of the mountains. You can readily see that the distinctive fragrance of a forest place does not reflect your room. So great experiences can never be sufficient for me.

I explored this time in a site called Dandeli near Belgaum and Goa. Dandeli Packages & their team arranged the trip very beautifully. Both Dandeli resorts have a lot to offer but the place we stayed was River Edge Homestay in Kerwad. The location and atmosphere were fantastic, the mornings greeted us with the light that initially shone on our campsite, rays of light that are struggling to get through the maze of trees barring their path. This was until mid-morning when it stood with a shocked yet gleaming face right over the ground. The afternoons were spent exploring the scenery around along with watersports like White water Rafting, Jacuzzi bath and Kayaking etc.